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Fire Investigation Services

Course: Continuation & Development

Clive Gregory (right) with teams from Hampshire, Cornwall and Norfolk Fire services during quarterly training.

Course Aims and Objectives

  • Regular training incorporating "real fire scene" training is essential to maintain and advance standards.
  • Searching of real fire scenes in purpose built fire structures
  • Systematic fire scene examination
  • Searching for the evidence of ignitable liquid residue
  • Protracted and structured searching of larger scenes
  • Recognition of arson - tapers and fire trails etc
  • Scientific retrieval and sample taking procedures

Course Methodology

  • Advancement of Dog/Handler skills
  • Development of search procedures/techniques
  • Improvement of fire scene scientific knowledge

Expected Outcomes

  • On conclusion of this course, the dog/handler team will have advanced their handling skills and scientific knowledge in evidence reognition/retrieval and crime/arson scene management


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