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Fire Investigation Services

Initial Training Course

Fire Investigation Dogs/Handler Team

Courses are continually reviewed to take into account new developments and requirements but will contain the following basic subjects. Course is residential and of 5 - 6 week duration.

  • Searching of fire scenes, structures and premises both live and void in a skilled and systematic manner.
  • Searching of clothing and property.
  • Searching over exterior and open areas.
  • Location with speed and accuracy the presence of ignitable liquid (accelerants, including petrol, paraffin, diesel, barbeque fuel, acetone, cigarette lighter fuel, cellulose thinners and methylated spirit).
  • Discrimation between accelerant substances and naturally occuring odeurs from combustion and pyrolosis.
  • Working in an integrated team with fire investigators in the public and private sector.
  • Safe working practices - health & safety requirements - risk assessment.
  • Forensic awareness including contamination issues and the correct procedure of evidence retrieval etc.
  • Recording and documentation - statements, reports and training records etc
  • Vetinary issues, first aid and emergency treatment.
  • Canine pysiology, behaviour and control.
  • Conduct of public relations exercises, the press and media.


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