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Training/Course Details

Training courses are "tailor made" to reflect not only the requirements of the customer but also the skill and experience of the selected dog and handler.

Courses will normally be residential from monday - Friday although this is not mandatoryand flexibility may be required in order to satisfy the needs of the contract.

Selected and pre-assessed dogs will be matched with prospective handlers - the "bonding" of dog and handler is regarded as essential in the training process. Dog training equipment including harness, collar & lead, paw boots etc will be supplied and be inclusive in the cost.

Training courses will equip the team to carry out not only operational searches but also, public relations exercises, demonstrations, lectures and displays of professional standard.

On conclusion of the course the handler will be skilled to record and maintain operational and training records.

Qualifications will require the dog & handler team to undergo a series of practical exercises and the handler to have a professional level of theoretical knowledge - this to be to the entire satisfaction of the customer.

The team will have the necessary skill level to undergo Licensing/Certification which is independently conducted by the fire service college.

Training Facilities

  • We offer the finest facilities dedicated to Fire Investigation in the United Kingdom
  • Access to real fire situations
  • A comprehensive range of search buildings including domestic, commercial and industrial - both occupied and void.
  • Classroom facilities with all technical equipment.
  • Social club
  • Full catered residential accommodation

Training Categories

We currently offer two different types of courses. For further details regarding our offering click one of the courses below.


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