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John DeHaan

Ph.D Fellow American Board of Criminologists FSSocDip, CFI

John DeHaan is an independent fire Consultant based in California USA. Formerly with the ATF and California Department of Justice John is the author of “Kirks Fire Investigation.

“It isn’t often that I gets to meet a legend like Star. Certainly as the first ignitable liquid canine team in the UK, Clive and Star have done terrific work in pioneering that aspect of fire investigation. Star still revels in doing the job which says a lot for the dog and for the care and love offered by Clive.

I have been involved with the testing, use and validation of canines in fire investigation for more than 15 years and am always impressed with the efficiency and skill of properly trained and handled canines. Clive and Star have demonstrated the highest standard of performance for years and continue to do so.”

 John DeHaan 2006 (2006)

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