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Star 1995 - 2008

We are extremely sad to announce the death of Star the UK's first fire investigation dog.

Star became operational in 1996 and worked alongside his handler Station Office Cliver Gregory, a fire investigator with the West Midlands Fire Investigation Department. When Clive left the Fire Service in 2001 to start his own company, Star was at his side in the private sector for a further six years.

Star had a successful and rewarding career and was deployed in excess of six hundred fire scene investigations including incidents of murder by fire and fraudulent arson.

Star was always a wonderful ambassador for working dogs and during his happy working life was demonstrated to many hundreds of Fire, Police and allied professionals from around the world. His appearances on television, radio programmes and articles in magazines and journals made Star somewhat famous. Early scepticism melted away and Star's success encouraged many other authorities to evaluate the contribution K9 accelerant detection could make to the investigation of suspicious fires. Star was a true pioneer and today there are Fire Investigation dogs working the length and breadth of the nation.

Tributes to Star have been received from around the world.


A personal word from his handler - "When Start and I started out together there was enormous pressure on us to succeed - Star did everything I ever asked of him with great enthusiasm - he was a highly skilled gentle dog with a tremendous personality and a constant desire to succeed - we were far more than a team, we were the best of friends and I miss him so much now that he is no longer at my side - Although my work continues with my new dog Trooper, Star has his place in Fire Service history and will never be forgotton" Clive Gregory

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